Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP Hair Treatment in Guntur 

Looking for PRP Hair Treatment in Guntur? Your search ends here! Leelavathi Advanced Skin & Laser Centre offers top-notch hair care at affordable prices. Opt for our Hair Care Clinic to rejuvenate your hair and restore scalp healing. Get the best PRP Therapy for Hair Regrowth today.

PRP Procedure for Hair Restoration: A Promising New Way to Regrow Your Hair

Plasma that is platelet-rich, releases growth factors and stimulates healing by increasing the number of reparative cells in the affected area of your body. Growth factors are natural substances made by the body to fight aging or other damage. The plasma injected during the PRP procedure works to heal your scalp fast around the hair follicles.

PRP hair treatment translates to Platelet-rich Plasma which is a boon for patients loosing hair for various reasons. PRP for hair loss is quite common and has helped several individuals – both men and women – in getting a head full of hair in just a few sessions.

The PRP Hair Transplant improves the level of stem cells and collagen in the body thus promoting hair growth be administered in the following ways,

  • At Leelavathi Advanced Skin & Laser Centre, our doctor will make an assessment of your medical history and areas of hair loss to administer the PRP treatment.
  • With the use of injections, your own blood will be drawn from your arm the way you give blood samples for tests. We use specialized PRP test tubes for the procedure to attain maximum platelet concentration. This will contain rich plasma to use for your hair.
  • The test tubes are then placed in the centrifuge to undergo double spin where the elements of blood are seperated to Red blood cells, White blood cells and Platelet rich plasma. The supernatant platelet poor plasma is discarded and the PRP is taken into insulin syringes before they are injected into the scalp

You will be able to see noticeable results after 3-4 weeks of getting PRP injection for hair loss. By this time, any pain or swelling in the scalp will also reduce completely. Also, check out our Scalp Micropigmentation in Guntur

The PRP treatment is for anyone facing hair thinning or balding. You can benefit from this treatment in the following ways,

  1. Strengthens the hair from thinning of the existing hair.
  2. Increases the diameter of the existing hair.
  3. The safe procedure with no cuts or incisions involved.
  4. Non-allergenic process because of usage of your own material, so there is no rejection.
  5. Limited hair loss for one month following the treatment.
  6. Less fat dandruff on the scalp through revitalization.
  7. Darkening of the hair and when it is touched it is denser too.

IPRF stands for Injectable Platelet Rich Fibrin (iPRF) is an all-natural, non-surgical regenerative treatment that utilises the patient’s own blood platelets in order to treat fine lines and wrinkles, volume loss, photo damage, scars, pigmentation and hair restoration.

IPRF captures the most powerful regenerative components of your own blood with a simple injection. It is a fantastic treatment for many areas of the body such as the face for anti-ageing and scalp for hair thinning. iPRF is similar to the widely known PRP but much more potent due to its different composition.

Injectable platelet rich fibrin or (IPRF) uses the patient’s own blood plasma which contains:
  1. Platelets (they store growth factors)
  2. Fibrin (organizes the tissue for healing and keeps the growth factors ‘trapped’ in the area)
  3. Stem cells (potent cells that initiate cascades for healing and rejuvenation).
  1. Skin rejuvenation
  2. Eye bags
  3. Scarring
  4. Stretch marks
  5. Hair loss/thinning
  6. Acne/pimples

PRP Therapy provides you with the following benefits in Hair Transplantation:

  1. Decreases the sensitivity in the surgical field during the procedure as well as the postoperative period.
  2. Avoids all the possible post-surgical complications.
  3. Promotes and accelerates the adhesion of transplanted grafts.
  4. Reduces redness following the surgery.
  5. Faster healing of wounds
  6. Quicker regeneration of tissues
  7. Limited hair loss
  8. Faster results because of the regeneration of the transplanted hair follicles.

Choose Leelavathi Advanced Skin & Laser Center to support your path to healthier, shinier hair. Our PRP Hair Treatment enhances stem cells and promotes natural hair growth. Our Hair-related services, we provide in our clinic are Seborrheic Dermatitis, Bio Fue, Laser Hair Removal. Book your appointment today with the best dermatologist in Guntur.

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