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Hair Transplant in Guntur

Alopecia or Hair loss is one common complaint that we encounter in our regular OPD every day. Irrespective of age and gender, hair loss can cause distress, anxiety and inferiority complex for the patient.

One has to understand that a person’s entire scalp is covered by nearly 1 Lakh terminal hair follicles. Not every follicles is in growing Phase (ANAGEN PHASE). Few follicles are in resting phase (CATAGEN PHASE) and few in shedding phase (TELOGEN PHASE ). Hence it is normal for a person to lose around 70-100 hairs per day and new growth occurs simultaneously.

There are many causes of hair loss which will be properly evaluated by our Dermatologist and hair transplantation surgeon Dr.Kavya Chennamsetty.

Types of alopecia (hair loss)

Alopecia or hair loss can be broadly classified as Cicatricial and Non Cicatricial hair loss. Most often we see more and more cases of Non Cicatricial hair loss which means there is no permanent damage or scarring of hair follicles. Telogen effluvium and Androgenetic alopecia are commonly encountered causes of Non Cicatricial alopecia.


The most common cause of hair fall in men which runs through in generation is MALE PATTERN BALDNESS or androgenetic alopecia. It is typically characterised by progressive thinning or miniaturization of hair follicles in the frontal hairline and vertex (CROWN ) area with sparing of occipital hair.

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the hormone that is responsible for such kind of progressive thinning in genetically predisposed individuals.


When addressed in initial stages of balding (stage 1 and 2) we can halt the progression and reverse the balding process with medical management. In severe grades of balding our FUE HAIR TRANSPLANTATION technique helps in restoring the lost hairline and the youthful look with safe, minimal or almost nil side effects.
Hair loss can happen to anyone but for women it may lead to more distress, anxiety and to the extent of relationship troubles. However when underlying causes are identified correctly and addressed, most often women respond very well to medical management.
Common Causes
  1. Nutritional Deficiency
  2. Post partum telogen effluvium
  3. Female pattern hair loss which can be genetic or acquired secondary to hormonal imbalance states like PCOS
At Leelavathi advanced skin and Laser Centre we focus on first restoring the hair by Holistic approach towards treating the cause. We perform hair transplantation in females with pattern baldness which gives faster clinical results.
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair transplantation have evolved almost two decades back and stood the test of times. It is the most safer, effective and highly successful technique for hair restoration.


  1. FUE involves extraction of single follicular units which are often group of 2-3 hairs as a bunch from the occipital area. This area is mostly not involved in blading process. Hence identifying the safe donor area is the crucial step in FUE.
  2. The extracted follicular units are then transplanted into the slits that are priorly made in the recipient area (frontal hair line and crown). Care is taken that the grafts are transplanted quickly so that the out of body time is minimised. This improves graft survival.
  3. One can resume their daily life and work just 3 days after the procedure.


  1. When you walk in our clinic with complaints of hair loss we first evaluate the severity of hair loss.
  2. Dr Kavya Chennamsetty will perform trichoscan analysis to determine the ratio of anagen (growing) to telogen (falling off ) hairs, the extent of balding, number of grafts in safe donor area.
  3. You will first be counselled regarding the condition that your hair follicles are going through and prescribed the required medicines(minoxidil, nutritional supplements , peptide serum, finasteride ) as per the need.
  4. We also perform most advance GFC ( growth factor concentrate) IPRF (injectable platelet rich Fibrin) PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections to revitalise and stimulate the growth of new hair.
  5. In advanced grades of balding grade 3 to 7 or in case you desire of a youthful frontal hairline in early grade 2 baldness we perform FUE hair transplantation which is regarded as shortest and quickest way to restore the look you desire.

Biotech FUE Hair Transplanation surgery

Following steps are involved in a Biotech FUE Hair Transplanation surgery


  1. At Leelavathi Advanced Skin & Laser Centre we start FUE Hair transplantation by marking both safe donor area and your desired HAIR LINE.
  2. Our team of Hair transplantation surgeons are experienced in designing the perfect Hair line that suits you the best.


  1. After marking the area, local anaesthesia is given on the recipient and donor area to make the whole experience painless.


  1. As we follow INSTANT FUE technique in which the grafts harvested are immediately transplanted at recipient site (out of scalp time of grafts is less) we first prepare slits in recipient area once area is numbed.


  1. Once the donor area has been numbed, the surgeon proceeds to follicular unit extraction phase. Using the automated punch tool the surgeon keeps on extracting the follicles at the fastest possible speed and one of the support staff members collects these grafts and hands them over to the technical staff for trimming.


  1. The technical staff then carefully trims these follicular units under a stereo microscope to obtain grafts of desired size.


  1. Once done with site preparation, the surgeon carefully inserts the extracted grafts into these tiny incisions to complete the surgery.


  1. * Our team of Hair transplantation surgeons are highly qualified and experienced in Hair transplantation and we ensure the best quality results for our clients.
  2. * We practice the most recent revolutionary BIOINSTANT DIRECT PEN FUE HAIR TRANSPLANTATION TECHNIQUEtechnique.
At Leelavathi Advanced Skin & Laser Centre we offer an unique treatment package you won’t find in any other hair transplanation clinics.

Our speciality – FUE Biohair

At Leelavathi Advanced Skin & Laser Centre the patient is submitted first to a preliminary examination. On this occasion, blood is taken and the scalp is analysed. Before the operation begins, the scalp is shaved or the hair is cropped, but only in the areas concerned. Biohair ensures a quick and uncomplicated adaptation of hair roots in their new environment, as well as a swift recovery process. You will attain excellent results from treatment with our special formula solution.

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