Nail Infections Treatment in Guntur

Nail Infections Treatment or Onychomycosis is one of the most common nail diseases. In such cases, your nail needs to be examined by a specialist in nail diseases and conditions.

At Leelavathi Advanced Skin & Laser Centre in Guntur, one of the best surgeons Dr. Kavya Chennamsetty cosmetic dermatology expert at cosmetic solutions to nail diseases like onychomycosis.

Nail infections, also known as fungal nail infections or onychomycosis, are common sign of infections affecting the nails on both fingers and toes. These infections are mainly caused due to fungi
Fungal Infections represent approximately 50% of all nail disorders. Nail Infection is a painful skin conditions that causes the exposure of fungal spores. The most common symptoms of Nail Infection are pain, deformity of nails and disruption of daily life.

  1. Itching or burning on toes.
  2. Changes in skin colour.
  3. Cracking or flaking of skin.
  4. Patches on the skin.
  5. Bald patches on the scalp.
  6. Yellow or white streaks under the nails.
  1. Athlete’s foot
  2. Jock itch
  3. Ringworm
  4. Yeast infection
  5. Fungal infection of nail- onychomycosis
  1. An accidental injury to nail
  2. Ingrown nails / onychocryptosis – this is a painful condition where the free end of the nail (distal end) grows into the adjacent tissue causing the impingement on nerves. Ingrowing toe nail also increases the risk of repeated nail bed / nail fold infections.
  3. Onychogryphosis (thickened curved nails)
  4. Subungual warts caused by Human Papilloma Virus to facilitate the removal of warty tissue
  5. To facilitate the biopsy of the nail bed for diagnosis of rare nail diseases.

Firstly the area to be treated is sterilized with spirit and betadine. Then the digit is anesthetized with local anesthesia to numb the toe/ finger. In partial nail avulsion surgery only a strip of 2-3 mm is excised and completely detached from the nail bed and removed intactly from the nail matrix. In total nail avulsion entire nail plate is detached from nail bed and removed.

In indications like ingrowing toe nail, the nail matrix and the nail bed are the phenolised using 88% phenol to prevent the regrowth of ingrown nail where are then phenolised.

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